Church of Thyr

The Pantheon of Thyr

The Mighty Thyr, father of mankind and God of Creation and Destruction, is the main revered deity in the Realm. His domain is War. He is surrounded by 12 holy Saints that represent different aspects of Thyrs creation. The 12 Saints are:

1) Meidor (Purity)
2) Sorad (Knowledge)
3) Giwen (Life)
4) Isamir (Light)
5) Yiviel (Nature)
6) Careddry (Tempest)
7) Rarin (Trickery)
8) Sorgor (Protection)
9) Raig (Fire)
10) Caeda (Water)
11) Gleril (Air)
12) Moinar (Earth)

The Church of Thyr

The Church is lead by the High Justice, the magnificent Zosimus of Callador. The Church is the main religion of the Kingdom of Manetheren and heavily involved in the politics of the realm.

The Church is organized in four pillars:

  • The Clergy of Justice
  • The Army of Light
  • The Knightly Orders
  • The Council of Justice

The Clergy of Justice

The Clergy of Justice is mostly comprised of clerics of Thyr or followers of one of the Justly Saints. They work in the temples, but are sometimes sent on missions for the Church. There might also be followers of Thyr who are not part of the church organization, but live their faith independently.

The Army of Light

The Army of Light is the military arm of the church. It is the most secular pillar of the Church. While its commanders are devout followers of Thyr, they are not necessarily clerics or paladins. Nowadays, the Army of Light is organized in the Legions of Light and the Servants of Light. The Legions serve to protect the Realm in the border regions, or free them from pagan influence. The Servant’s main duty is guarding and protecting the sites of the Church and important individuals. They also serve as executive organs of the judges and prosectors of the Church.

The Knightly Orders

The knightly orders are the elite organizations of the Church. Nowadays, there are three orders: The Order of Thyr, the Sons of Meidor, and the Sisterhood of Justice.
The biggest order is the Order of Thyr. It’s main force consists of Paladins and martially trained clerics, as well as support troops. The knights are sometimes assembled for special missions and to support the Army of Light. Some paladins or clerics serve as Judges in parts of the Realm where no formal justice system exists.
The second biggest order are the Sons of Meidor, who are trained in subduing magic and hunting renegade wizards as well as dealing with sorcerers and warlocks.
The third biggest order is the Sisterhood of Justice, who function as Protectors of the Truth – an informal Inquisition. They also bring very dangerous individuals to justice.

The Free Judges

A Free Judge is a paladine or cleric of Thyr that serves to protect and bring justice to a region where there is no formal presence of the church. They have the authority to serve as prosecutor, judge and executor in the service to Thyr. In the old days, the judges were trusted by the church to constantly inquire into Thyr’s will and bring justice, peace and balance to the Realm. In their duty, they were free and had a high informal authority over other members of the Church. However, in recent times, the Free Judges were more and more replaced by the Council of Justice as their influence spread throughout the Realm, and were tasked to adhere to the Law of the Realm, which equals the Law of Thyr, as brought forward by the Church, rather than their own subjective interpretation of Thyr’s will. Hence, justice and adherence to the Law became more important than the subjective inquiry into Thyr’s ways. The church upholds now that Thyr’s ways are not mysterious and to be recognized in prayer and contemplation, or divine insight into his ways, but clearly laid out by the Law of the Church, which is brought forward by the most devout Clergy of Justice.

The Council of Justice

The Council of Justice is the judiciary and political arm of the Church. It’s Justices serve as Judges and Prosecutors in most cities of the realm and uphold the law. Of all the four pillars, they are more and more dominated by the not-first born of noble families. King John, who is the most devout follower of Thyr, encouraged this development as he wanted the Realm and the Church form an undividable unit. A position as a justice is a position of power, especially in the country side where there is little oversight.


Prayer of Thyr

O Thyr, just father, protector of mankind.
Shine your light upon us.
Protect our lives from evil
and grant us health and abundance.

O Thyr, just father, protector of the realm.
Shine your light upon us.
Protect our king from evil
and grant us safety and protection.

O Thyr, just father, protector of justice
Shine your light upon us.
Protect us from corruption
and grant us law and justice.

O Thyr, just father, protector of mankind
We commit our lives to you
We stay faithfull to your course
We stay faithfull to our king

False Gods

For a long time, the people of the Realm believed in some kind of animistic religion, which posits that any kind of “thing” of notice (a forest, a mountain, a bridge, a city or a nation) possesses a soul, spirit or genius which represents its essence and power. This believe is mostly gone now and only some people in the outer duchys are aware of this believe or follow it. The clergy of Thyr deposits that these are misguided and “unenlightened” beliefs of primitive times that mankind overcame when they were liberated by King Arthur Manetheren and the divine guidance of Thyr.

The liberation during the first centuries of the Rule of the House of Manetheren and the Church of Thyr also freed the people from other – false – gods, who didn’t care much for mankind in their strive for freedom. Nowadays, these false gods are considered either as false (i.e. impostor) or parasites, or simply as an illusion of ancient times. However, some people – especially in the outer regions – still cling to these illusions and revere gods and goddesses such as Beory, the Mother of Nature.

Church of Thyr

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