Jönköpings Finest

The Brothel

... in which scouting turns bad

6. Richfest 996 AF; City of Alsyenna

Sir Ellion realizes that he is trapped and gets agitated
Servant demands that the heroes find a new permanent home for him tomorrow
Heroes get Daria to calm Sir Ellion down

Heroes scout out the brothel – nothing suspicious (16, 17, 18h)
Heroes enter the brothel – hand in weapons
Heroes pay group of sailors for a distraction (swing on the chandelier)
Galaron scouts out door, Sewer Rat sitting there and couting money, both reach for the dagger in the table. Galaron attacks the SR but the dagger doesn’t hurt him. SR turns into hybrid

The SR in the tavern room try to calm down the sailors, a little brawl erupts.
Galaron flees, alarms the heroes, another SR turns
Fight erupts, several visitors injured
Rurik tries to heal two remaining sailors
Two SR flee
Follow boss into cellar… to be continued

XP: 800 (XP for Boss not given yet)
Loot: none



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