Jönköpings Finest

Outbreak of incivility

... in which the Party meets Gneb

5. Richfest 996 AF; City of Alsyenna

After a good breakfast, Kharamon and Stor head out to intercept the message from John, the messenger of House Sivillian, who is supposed to bring a message to Priest Duncan.

They follow John, a man in his 50s, while he delivers several messages through the city. Soon he approaches Crown Square, which is already busy with many passer-bys.

Gneb has led a group of refugees from the Wilderlands to Alsyenna, Crown Square. Tired and hungry, they see themselves confronted by a group of drunken, young men. They seem to be of higher status, and carry openly the symbol of Thyr. The group takes a strong stance against the refugees, demands them to leave the city. A small brawl erupts.

John nears the large crowd and might just vanish into the mass of citizens. Kharamon speds up and bumps into him, and while John stumbles, Stor casts a sleep spell. John and a passerby fall to sleep.

Meanwhile, Gneb is pushed to the ground. He tried to charm the masses, invoking his fey heritage. However, the mob is too drunk to be charmed.

Stor sees that the refugee-group – all of Old Blood – are threatened and casts a second sleep spell to calm the brawl down. As soon as the mob falls to the ground, the crowd becomes panicky and flees, shouts of “Magic!” in the air. Kharamon envokes a magical shield around him and covers the sleeping John, quickly searching through his pouch. He finds the letter to Dunstan, takes some more, and spills the other on the ground.

Gneb also flees the scene, not wanting to be connected with the use of arcane power. He runs by Kharamon, they recognize each other, and run into the smaller alleys close to the slum district, followed by Stor.

In an dark tavern, Stor, Gneb and Kharamon exchange information. Kharamon opens the letter to Duncan. It is from the High Priest in Aleeth who announces that the request for funds have been granted and will be send to House Kundarak – a blessed house that deals with banking, among others.

Kharamon meets with Thom Merillin and conveys the message. Thom is not interested in the funds, but more of the implications this funding of Duncan has for the political balance of the city, and the upcoming election in particular. He agrees to introduce Kharamon to the elven bard Adramanteriel in the upcoming evening.



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