Jönköpings Finest

The Fight in the Earth Node

...in which Eddard turns to stone and Stor taps into earth magic

1. Richfest 996 AF
Kharamon scouts deeper into the cave. After a short walk, he enters a large cavern. The boss of the bandits has made camp between the remants of old structures which once might have been a dwarven city. At the end of the cave is a large menhir which seems to be the source of the magical transmutations in this place. The menhir pulsates in a deep orange light, sending waves of power throug the cavern and rippling through the earht where they are discharged in tremors and cracks that sudden open.

The boss of the bandits – a small and burly creature – has one hand on the menhir, while the other touches the forehead of a young boy who lies unconsciouly on the ground. Two other children are lying beside the boy. Orange energy streams from the menhir into the bandit and then into the child.

After a while, the bandit turns to the next child. As the moves, Kharamon can see some of his features. He must have been once an Old Blood, but his features are distorted. He now looks more like a dwarf, with rough features, clay-coloured skin, and marble-white eyes.

Fight in Earth Node
3 kids in a ritual with a transformed Old Blood

A tough battle ensues. The abomination taps into the power of the node, draining its power to fight off the magical attacks of Eddard and Stor. When the heroes move into melee, the gaze of the abomination falls upon them and Eddard turns to stone.

Rurik searches the place and finds three gems, which seemed to have been grown due to the influence of the node (3 Gems a 250 GP).

2. Richfest 996 AF
Magic ritual, Eddard is restored.

Collapsing Entrance
Back to Inn
Convincing two kids (orphans) to go to the priest of Beory

3. Richfest 996 AF
The heroes start their journey after a simple but rich meal. Th journey is quite uneventlful, as only small groups of travellers make their way to Brightstone provice – mostly new settlers.
At the evening of the day, the party arrives in Alsyenna. Outside of the side borders is a small hamlet of tents – this must be the place where the Richfest Fair is happening. The heroes find an inn and take a room for the night.

4. Richfest 996 AF
The party starts shopping



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