Jönköpings Finest

Into the Cave

1. Richfest 996 AF

Kharamon scouts the passage that leads into the mound. The tunnel was created recently, as some force create the passage. Gems are scattered in the tunnel surface and pulsate in a slow beat. Kharamon can feel a strange, earthen magic circling through the mound, resulting in cracks suddenly opening up, or sparks of light emanating from glowing veins that run through the stone.

After 20 minutes, he reaches a cavern. Several of the bandits have taken shelter here. Kharamon memorizes that outline of the cave and heads back to his friends. They chose the frontal assault approach and a heavy battle follows that eats away all of the powers of the heroes.

The heroes interrogate the two survivors of the bandits. They learn that only some of them have awakened, while the others waited to be initiated by they leader, who is currently deeper in the mound. It seems that they were all Old Blood, poor inhabitants of Alsyenna, who followed a call to gain power and rise in status and wealth.

The heroes take a short rest and head down further into the cave…



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