Jönköpings Finest

Exploring Alsyenna

... in which the Party gathers information

4. Richfest 996 AF

The party decides to get new clothes suitable for the city.

Kharamon visits the Instrument Maker Lannon. He indicates that the instrument is very old, and the wood is form a a special tree, that has been magically shaped. During the fair, there is probably an elven bard named Adramanteriel, who is know to be also a craftsman. The human bard Thoma Merillin can maybe help to get in touch with him, as the elven bards now tend to avoid new contacts and are very reclusive – especially with Lord Dunstan being around.

Rurik and Eddard visit the main church of Thyr. The church unites beautifully carved wood and stone into a typical blend of this region. The church appears to be renovated, as each of the Saints either has its own alcove, or it is under construction. This gives the a new meaning to Thyr and his saints. While the orthodoxy puts Thyr on top of the hierarchy, and the Saints are under his command, here the impression emerges that it is more a union of friends with their own unique responsibilities, and Thyr is more first among equals than the one and only god. Definetively a more liberal and open interpretation of the Faith.

A priest named Wynono runs the mass, while Bandalon, the High Priest, gives the sermon and blessing. He is a powerful Cleric of Thyr, and his blessing elevates everyone, but he is visibly frail and needs help moving.

Rurik realizes a group of priests or clerics who participate in the mass in the first row, but are visible unhappy. They appear to be Duncan and his disciples, who favor a more “pure” interpretation of the faith.

After the mass, Rurik and Eddard hang around and wander through the alcoves of the Saints. Being last of the visitors, they have a conversation with Wynono. He indicates that Aidan is responsible for the renovation of the church, and that he has a huge influence on the more liberal take on the faith. He vanished without a trace about a week ago. His friend Ostantis, the librarian of the Arcane College, might have more information about his last actions.

All four adventures meet and visit the Arcane College togehter. The guards accept the seal of Stor, who goes under the name of XXX. They visit the Headmaster of Arcane College, Magister Bartomeo Teko, to catch up on the news and get permission to visit the library. He is happy to exchange news, but also seems to be occupied. The awakenings of several people troubles him, and he indicates that they are happy to train newly awakened, their resources are limited. What’s more, he needs to fill a position in Divination, and offers Stor to teach, but he refuses. He recommends that they bring the artifacts (the stones from the Earh Geode) to the College so they can be safely stored. It appears that he learned under the same Magister as Stor in Aleeth, Magister Arnao de Pulgar, and asked for information. He might catch up with his old teacher.

The heroes head on the library of the college. Ostantis (of old blood) is very desparate about the disappearce of Aidan. He indicates that Aidan hung out with a visiting scholar from Enearel, named Mobilore Wyras. Wyras is a historian who used the archive of the library extensively, especially old maps, geneological trees, old histories and sagas. He vanished also about a week ago. The heroes ask for the same material, and Eddard and Stor start studying them.

It takes them some hours just to flip through the material, but it seems that Wyras was searching a certain family line that dates back more then 800 years. The origin was an Elven Mage named Lalever Halabedar who used to live in this region. His name is still recognized in some spells and old treatises that Stor stumbled over when exploring “forbidden” lore, but it does not appear that he is a recognized as an honored member of the Circle of Mages.

In the meanwhile, Kharamon and Rurik search for the room of Wyras. Kharamon examines the lock of his door and finds that it is locked, both by key and magic. They head to the caretaker of the College, Rurik distracts him by claiming that there is a broken toilet, and Kharamon invisible steals a key. Kharamon dispels the magical trap and they enter the room. They find arcane ingredients that are used in spells, which hint at the fact that Wyras is more than just a scholar of history, but a Mage. They only find clothes that are suitable for the city, but not the travelling clothes one can expect. Among the paperwork that is left in the room, they find notes win which “Habe’s fall” is surrounded a couple of times. Another facts that catches their attention is the name “Yiviel”, who is the saint of nature. He seems obsessed with searching for a temple devoted to Yiviel. What is odd that sometimes he seems to write about a person named Yiviel Inalar, and connects this person to the temple. Maybe an ancient high priest, as Inalar is an old family name of the Old Blood.

Thom Merillin is momentarily in the XXX. Kharamon observers what is going and and realizes that beyond the coming and going, old friends catching up, there appears also an informal network of people exchanging information. This might be related to the Harpers, a group that deals in knowledge and information, and is known to have an informal political influence by shaping public opinion. They mostly work where is injustice, as an intelligence network, and stand up for the small man. To protect justice, liberty, and the small man is actually part of their main mission.

Kharamon gets on stage and has a huge success. He is invited by Thom to sing again.



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