The Races


Humans are humanoids. There are four more important cultures.

  • The tribe of Manetheren is connected with technology and their notion of order, bureaucracy, and rules. The Realm of Manetheren has subdued many other tribes and cultures who were following a different way a life.

There is also:

  • an arabic-themed culture which revolves around Djinn-based magic
  • an egyptian/stygian-themed culture whicho revolves around the worship of their ancestors and the dead
  • an indian-themed culture which revolves around a very colourful pantheon, castes, and monkly orders.


Dwarves are fey and connected with the element earth. They are capable miners and smiths. In the Kingdom of Manetheren, Dwarves life either mountain ranges or form small settlements in major cities or near locations that allow them to practice their craft. A dwarven smith is a high status object for any noble family. Dwarves are able to craft weapons and armor that can be enchanted. Their guard the secret to prepare the dwarven steel with their lives.


Halflings are fey and connected with the element water. In the Kingdom of Manetheren, Halflings can be found anywhere near lakes and rivers. They often form family units that travel on long river boats. Some have settled in river and laketowns

Halflings are cunning traders and capable craftsman, especially tailors and dyers. They enjoy music and hospitality, have a knack for healing and recovery, and stories and news.


Elves are fey and connected with the element fire and magic. Most of the elves live in the realm of Tar Valon. “Elf” is the human name in common tongue for the fiery fey folk, they call themselves “Tuatha Dé Danann”, the folk of the goddess Danu.

Elves often are impulsive and have an innate talent for magic. They are capable smiths and carpenters, and are able to forge dragon steel and create magical weapons and armor.


Orcs are humanoids and connected with nature. They can barely be found in Manetheren and mostly live in the Realm of Droaan. Orcs are a tribal and shamanistic society, still influenced by they ancestry of hunter-gatherers. Orcs are fierce warriors, living by their own code of honor. Some orcs are more feral, while other orcs embrace culture and civilization and form a kind of organized society. Orcs revere their elders. Their organization is tribal. They know no king, but elect a war-chief in times of war. The tension between youth, energy and passion, and age and wisdom characterizes their society.

The Races

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