The Kingdom

Founding and History

The Kingdom of Manetheren was founded by King Arthur Manetheren I. King Manetheren was a devote follower of Thyr and it is said that Thyr himself guided King Manetheren while he was slaying the Witch Kings, ending the civil war and forging a peace treaty with the Elves of Tar Valone.
The story goes that Witch Kings of the old times stole a secret from the Sidhé which allowed them to become the rulers of the realm. Not all parts of the realm were subdued immediately, and a civil war arose. The Tuatha attacked the realm of the humans to retaliate.

The Dynasty of Manetheren continued to expand the Realm until it reached its biggest expansion under King Manetheren V, The Bold. After a long period of stability prosperity, though, the realm started to stagnate. The border regions started to strive for more autonomy.

The recent ruler of the Kingdom is John IV, The Pure. The capital is Caemlyn.


The Kingdom is dominantly populated by humans. It is a feudal society with a rather strong class system.

The Blessed Houses

While Arthur Manetheren founded the Realm, his arm was not only guided by Thyr. Manetheren had help from two heroes that were also blessed by Thyr, creating the Blessed Houses. House Sivillian is blessed with the Gift of Scribing, and House Orien is blessed with the Gift of Passage.

House Sivillian work as scribes, translators, and notaries. The Gifted of House Sivillian are known to speak any language that exists or speak over vast distances, or even hide information in letters or books that only they can read.

House Orien operates a coach- and post-service all over the Kingdom, and the couriers of House Orien are know to be the fastest and most reliable. It is known that a Gifted of House Orien can run faster than any other man, even step through air, or being gifted by Thyr with a mount. Rumor has it that they can even fly.


The Kingdom consists of several Earldoms and Baronies.

To the east, the Kingdoms outermost Duchy of Saldea borders to the elven realm of Tar Valone. To the north-east, the Kingdom borders to the orcish wilderness of Droaam. The northern and western borders are comprised of vast mountain ranges, where several dwarven thaigs are located. The kingdom stretches over vast miles to the southern border, where Manetheren lays claim to reign the sea. To the southeast, there are several vassal states whose allegiance seems to wane in the last years. The vassal states buffer between the Kingdom of Manetheren and the state of Aman Shalar. Beyond the southern sea, another landmass begins which is ruled by the Kingdom of Stygia.

The whole kingdom is rich in lakes and rivers, which stream from the mountain ranges and through the droaamisch wilderness to the south sea.


Saldea is ruled by House Damodred, a family from the Kingdom of Manetheren. Saldea used to be an independent kingdom with a long history. The old families of Saldea used to have a good relationship with the elves of Tar Valone, making it the region with a high proportion of elves and half-elves. However, since Saldea was “unified” into the Realm of Manetheren, the relationships are far fewer in numbers and the elves withdrew. However, the old blood, as Saldeans call their heritage, still runs thick in Saldea, despite the efforts of House Damodred and the Church of Thyr.

The Kingdom

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