Duchy of Saldea

Overall structure of Saldea

Saldea is the eastermost duchy of the Kingdom of Manetheren. Its capital is Maredon, the ruling house is Damodred (Justin Damodred, Duke of Saldea, Earl of Enearel). The Damodred family is not of Saldean origin, though, but was given Saldea as fiedom by King IV for Justin Damodreds successes in fighting back an elven attack on Saldea in which the old Duke was also killed.

Saldea consists of six earldoms: Enearel (and capital of the duchy), Aleeth, 3-6.

Saldeans consider themselves rather independent and primarily Saldeans (or followers of their earls and barons), and only secondarily followers of the King. Traditionally, they have had good connections with the Elves of Tar Valone and have the highest population of Elves (which are few in numbers now) and Halfeves in the whole Realm. As they say, the old blood runs thick in Saldea – which refers both to the Saldean heritage, and the Halfelves, who are offsprings of the union of the Saldeans of old and Elves. Their independent spirit is also evident fromt their own code of justice, which is often exercized by elders, priests, or the ruling noble.

Also, the belief in the The Mighty Thyr and his 12 Justly Saints is not uncontested in Saldea. The faith in Beory, the Goddess of Nature, is widely spread, as well as faiths in local genii and spirits of nature.

The Earldoms

The duchy of Saldea consists of six earldoms. Although the remaining five earls have sworn fealty to the King and to Duke Damodred, they consider themselves rather independent rulers.

Earldom of Aleeth

In the northeast of Saldea lies the Earldom of Aleeth. The House of Aliath (Earl XXX Aliath) rules Aleeth from its capital of Quelion. Beyond the province ruled by House Aliath, two more baronies make up the Earldom of Aleeth: Syne Shaeras and Syne Meras.

Barony of Syne Shaeras

Syne Shaeras is a border barony in the earldom of Aleeth. Syne Shaeras is ruled by House Winhithe from Caraulaine. The current rules is Baron Silas Winhithe IV. Beyond Syne Shaeras, three more provinces constitute the barony: House Convellan (Baronet XXX Convellan) rules in Dareny. House Dunstan (Lord Alar Dunstan) rules in Alsyenna. House Palonet (Baronet XXX Palonet) rules in Fenemalis.

Although Baron Winhithe is the formal ruler of the Barony of Syne Shaeras, the spirit of the old families is very much alive in the barony. In old times, the noble families considered themselves more as equals among each other and as first protectors of its people. Subsequently, the baron on his three companions meet on a regular basis and discuss the matters of the realm.

In recent times, though, Lord Dunstan – a noble from the west – married into the ruling house of Alsyenna with the blessing of King John and the High Justice of Thyr. Lord Dunstan is a devout follower of the Church of Thyr and proudly promotes the faith. His brother Alaric Dunstan was recently installed as Judge of Thyr and aggressively promotes his services.

Duchy of Saldea

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