Jönköpings Finest

The Kitchen - A most dangerous place

6. Wealsun 996 AF; Barony of Syne Shaeras, Fief of Lord Dunstan

The inhabitants of Fairbury form a protective wall around the heroes, and the Judge withdraws with his men. The town elder tells Varris that they saved an old servant and a stable boy from the ruins of Brighstone Castle, and brought them to Tram, the priest of Beory, the goddess of nature, who lives one hour away in the no-man’s land.

The heroes travel to Brightstone Keep. Ruric feels that the spirit of the Keep has turned into something negative. What’s more, he feels an old elven influence, which appears to be far more archaic or feral that what one would think of elves.

A closer investigation of the tracks reveals that a group of soldiers arrived with some carts or carriages, and also left, but with fewer footmen, about three days ago.

Varris remembers the location of an old entrance the Heroes march forward. The tunnel behind the entrance lies warped and twisted, and even some new passages have opened due to the eruption that happened within the keep.

The heroes march into the darkness and soon reach the kitchen of the keep. The bodies of the cook and maid lie dead on the ground, but no outer sign of injury provides information about their cause of death. Two blue silhouettes float in the kitchen, their faces turned into visages of utmost terror. It appears that some horrible event simply ripped the souls out of the cooks’ and maids’ body and severed the chord that binds the soul tothe body.

Both silhouettes – ghosts in fact – attack the heroes as soon as they stumble into the room. Their terrifying visages hit Thanquol deeply in his soul and the sheer terror that he experiences lets him age by 40 years.

The group manages to retreat…

The last rites gone wrong

6. Wealsun 996 AF

Limping Jack and three of his band are on trial in the city of Fairbury. A new Judge, the honorable Bertrand Dunstan, has taken charge of the proceedings. He is accompanied by four hardened soldiers of the Church of Thyr, called “Children of Light”, and a priest.

Judge Dunstan accuses Jack and his band of some terrible crimes, but only mentions crimes where humans where the victims. Without any proper proceedings the Judge finds Jack and his crew guilty. The priest provides them the last rites and provides them with the eucharistic bread – however, as Ruric can see, it does rather look like dark clay marbles than bread.

The three human bandits swallow their eucharistic bread and start to convulse. Their skin cracks and rather looks like dried and cracked earth than human skin. Some unholy fire starts to glow inside the three humans, who further mutate into some elementar create that jump down from the gallows and start attacking the townsfolk.

Four CoL start to attack the bandits, but the Judge calls them back to defend him. Eddard uses his experience to command two of them to stay, who engage in the battle. Varris manages to control one of the monsters, but the priest makes a smal sign and the control of Varris bursts like a soap bubble. Ruric recognizes the movement, he has seen it with Sons of Meidor – a very specialized group of priest, who mainly revere the Justly Saint Meidor and often hunt down and control witches.

Meanwhile, Limping Jack didn’t swallow his marble and manages to escape – not before stealing some of the artifacts that were laid out as evidence. Tanquol tries to kill him, but Jack manages to escape.

The heroes fight down the three monsters. Unfortunately, they explode in a burst of shrapnel when killed, which results in the death of one of the CoL. The Judge becomes even more agitated as he sees Varris perform Witchcraft and during the battle, kills the CoL by proxy. As the last monsters dies, he foams: “Put him into shackles!” and points at Varris.

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