Jönköpings Finest

In Pursuit
... in which the heroes follow a trail of fire and death

7. Wealsun 996 AF; Free Plains

The battle with the mad gargoyle was won, and the heroes headed towards the forest were the cleric of Beory – Tram – was supposed to be. The heroes entered the forest and felt a similar sensation as when they left Realm. A sensation as if they entered a new sphere of belonging, that is aligned with a different spirit than the Realm. A spirit connected to nature and life.

The heroes headed to the center of the forest, when they crossed a newly made trail. Rurik investigated and found traces of two humanoids that sped into the east of the forest.

battle between the scouts and the grove guardians

The heroes headed towards the center of the forest.

ancient tree, temple, priest,
pursuit of the scout
water elemental
Again the heroes followed the barely visible blood trail of the scout. Next they encountered an angry Treant, who walked towards them with flailing arms. Luckily, the heroes were able to spot smoke that was rising from the back of the treant. While the others distractected the Treant, Kharamon managed to climb it’s back and discovered three burning arrows. He used his magic to extinct the fire. Again, a good deed done!

The heroes again pursued the scout. They reached the border of the forest and entered the wide grassy hills of the “no-mans-land”. Rurik led the party into the unknown. After a while, he discovered a dead and a severely injured blink dog. Blin

Into the green
...in which the heroes take sides against the forces of the Realm

7. Wealsun 996 AF; Free Plains

After the battle with the mad Gargoyle was finished, the heroes proceeded to the forest. Although the summer is at its highest point, the forest appears in vivid green hues, as if it rest in eternal spring. The heroes entered the forest and found a small trail, that might have been used by rare travellers that seeked the guidance of Tram, the cleric of Beory.

After a while, the heroes discovered a trail that crossed their path. It appeared to be from some humans, wearing camouflage, and some wolves. The heroes pursued and came to a clearing, where two rangers faced a pack of wolf-like creatures. Kharamon idenfied the wolf-like creatures as grove-guardians, fey that often protect holy sites.

The heroes tried to reason with both parties, but a battle erupted in which one scout was killed and one was captured alive. It appears that they are scouts of the 9th Legion of Light, which was commanded by Baron Alaric Dunstan in his campaign in the north.

Stor went into trance while the others interrogated the surviving scout. He felt his self dissolve and entered the network of myriad of roots that connected each plant of the forest. In this state, the felt that the heart of the forest is suffering, but he also felt close to his mother, which would suggest a connection between the Elves and the Fey.

The heroes hurried to the center of the forest. They found the cleric seriously wounded, two dead scouts, and the surviving servants of Brightstone Castle.

Time flies fast...
...for those who meddle with ghosts

7. Wealsun 996 AF; Barony of Syne Shaeras, Fief of Lord Dunstan

The heroes took a well-earned rest in save distance from the ruins of Brightstone Castle. Tanquoul had a very rough night, in which restlessness and nightmares alternated. At dawn, he immediately decided to head north-east to the wise man.

However, the other heroes took another bite at the mystery of Brightstone Castle. The sorcerer also felt the twisted and inverted nature of this place. To him, it felt like the core of the place had completely collapsed – not only in a physical way, but also in a spiritual way. The genius, the defining essence of Brightstone Castle, had completely inversed and the whole in its core acted as a vacuum that slowly but steadily filled itself with whatever energy was available and twisted it to something dark.

The group proceeded further into the ruins and reached the former kitchen. The ghosts of the maid and her helper still lingered there, caught in a loop of despair. One moment they were preparing diner, the other moment an unknown force tore their souls from their bodies, tormenting them to madness, and creating their undead existence.

The battle against the ghosts was short, but painful. The sorcerer also had a look in the dreadful distorted visages of the ghosts and aged by twenty years. The heroes managed to defeat the ghosts and set them free. However, their remaining energy, as well as part of the life-force the sorcerer had lost – got sucked into the center of the former castle.

The heroes now abandoned their plans for further exploration and raced the wise man. After two hours, they reached the border of the Realm. Leaving the domain of King Manetheren felt like leaving home, a place where you belonged, while now you are living in an unknown world that you don’t belong to.

After another hour, a sudden encounter stopped the journey to the wise man. Two gargoyles descend from the sky and attack the heroes. The wizard realizes that he has seen them in their stone-form for times and times again. They were guarding of Brightstone Castle – at least that was what his father had told him. The heroes also feel that gargoyles are very confused and twisted – their connection with the former core of the castle exerts its dark influence, while they also appear to be connected to the center of the wood where the wise man lives. The wizard tries to order “his” gargoyles to stand down. However, one of the creatures denies his order, explaining that their duty never extended to the family living at the Castle, but the Castle itself. However, one of the gargoyles took off, while the heroes defeated the other after a tough battle.

The Kitchen - A most dangerous place

6. Wealsun 996 AF; Barony of Syne Shaeras, Fief of Lord Dunstan

The inhabitants of Fairbury form a protective wall around the heroes, and the Judge withdraws with his men. The town elder tells Varris that they saved an old servant and a stable boy from the ruins of Brighstone Castle, and brought them to Tram, the priest of Beory, the goddess of nature, who lives one hour away in the no-man’s land.

The heroes travel to Brightstone Keep. Ruric feels that the spirit of the Keep has turned into something negative. What’s more, he feels an old elven influence, which appears to be far more archaic or feral that what one would think of elves.

A closer investigation of the tracks reveals that a group of soldiers arrived with some carts or carriages, and also left, but with fewer footmen, about three days ago.

Varris remembers the location of an old entrance the Heroes march forward. The tunnel behind the entrance lies warped and twisted, and even some new passages have opened due to the eruption that happened within the keep.

The heroes march into the darkness and soon reach the kitchen of the keep. The bodies of the cook and maid lie dead on the ground, but no outer sign of injury provides information about their cause of death. Two blue silhouettes float in the kitchen, their faces turned into visages of utmost terror. It appears that some horrible event simply ripped the souls out of the cooks’ and maids’ body and severed the chord that binds the soul tothe body.

Both silhouettes – ghosts in fact – attack the heroes as soon as they stumble into the room. Their terrifying visages hit Thanquol deeply in his soul and the sheer terror that he experiences lets him age by 40 years.

The group manages to retreat…

The last rites gone wrong

6. Wealsun 996 AF

Limping Jack and three of his band are on trial in the city of Fairbury. A new Judge, the honorable Bertrand Dunstan, has taken charge of the proceedings. He is accompanied by four hardened soldiers of the Church of Thyr, called “Children of Light”, and a priest.

Judge Dunstan accuses Jack and his band of some terrible crimes, but only mentions crimes where humans where the victims. Without any proper proceedings the Judge finds Jack and his crew guilty. The priest provides them the last rites and provides them with the eucharistic bread – however, as Ruric can see, it does rather look like dark clay marbles than bread.

The three human bandits swallow their eucharistic bread and start to convulse. Their skin cracks and rather looks like dried and cracked earth than human skin. Some unholy fire starts to glow inside the three humans, who further mutate into some elementar create that jump down from the gallows and start attacking the townsfolk.

Four CoL start to attack the bandits, but the Judge calls them back to defend him. Eddard uses his experience to command two of them to stay, who engage in the battle. Varris manages to control one of the monsters, but the priest makes a smal sign and the control of Varris bursts like a soap bubble. Ruric recognizes the movement, he has seen it with Sons of Meidor – a very specialized group of priest, who mainly revere the Justly Saint Meidor and often hunt down and control witches.

Meanwhile, Limping Jack didn’t swallow his marble and manages to escape – not before stealing some of the artifacts that were laid out as evidence. Tanquol tries to kill him, but Jack manages to escape.

The heroes fight down the three monsters. Unfortunately, they explode in a burst of shrapnel when killed, which results in the death of one of the CoL. The Judge becomes even more agitated as he sees Varris perform Witchcraft and during the battle, kills the CoL by proxy. As the last monsters dies, he foams: “Put him into shackles!” and points at Varris.

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