Jönköpings Finest

The wealth of your ancestors

... in which the heroes learn that some cling to their wealth

13. Wealsun 996 AF; Brighstone Castle

After the battle with the unholy spirits, the heroes examine the room. The corridor in the north leads to another door. Someone has scribbled a sign on the door which Eddard and Rurik recognize as an invocation of Sorgor, the Saint of Protection.

“Someone tried to ward this door from these creatures”, Rurik whispers, and listens carefully to the soft chanting on the other side. “And they are reciting the Prayer to Thyr. Maybe some Children of Light?”

Stor enters his role of the castle’s noble again and announces himself. The doors opens, and he can see six Children of Light, weapons and shield ready to defend themselves. The Children realize that no harm will come from the heroes and relax. The sergeant of the team reluctantly shares their story, how they were tasked to secure this level, fought against the guards, and suddenly experienced a shock. He struggles to describes it, and the best he comes up with is a “tearing of reality”. After that, the spirits of the slain guards and fallen Children started to rise, and they barricaded themselves in this room.

“But what were your ordres? Why did you come to my castle in the first place?”, Stor follows up.

“Um…we… got the orders from our captain. He was supposed to put Lord and Lady Brightstone under attainder and bring them to Alsyenna for questioning. There was also talk about some old artifact, connected to Old Magic. But we were only following orders. "

“Do you know the whereabouts of my mother and father?”

“Well, your father… some took him and brought him to the coach, they were on their way leaving when this”, and he makes a vague gesture, "happened. “Your mother…she fled, we don’t know where she is.”

The heroes inquire about the rest of the basement. There are some prisoners in the cells, which the Children protected against the spirits. The heroes order the Children to take the prisoners and go to the first level and join with the staff in the kitchen.

Afters a short rest, theheroes then descend into the catacombs of the castle. The stairwell opens into a larger room, the center column and the walls made of the green stone, with golden sparks embedded. The heroes quickly find the old treasury, where two large chests with coins promise a substantial fortune.

The next room contains several sarcophagy, in which Stor’s ancestors have found their final rest. Stor examines the stone lids. Most of the names are know to him, although he never memorized the stories connected with these. However, he realizes that three sisters are buried here which found an untimely death, being accused of witchcraft and murder. Many stories revolve around Mathilda, Melanie and Maria, and while some stress their care and contribution to the Old Blood community, others stress them killing their husbands and performing forbidden magic.

The heroes open a sarcophagus to look for further treasure. Mathilda’s corpse is heavily decomposed. Her hands still hold a black wooden staff. As Stor graps it, Mathilda’s corpse rises to defend her property – and two more sarcophy lids move. The heroes fight a tough battle, but can overcome the three sisters.

A short search of the catacombs shows no more valuables, so the heroes grab the two treasure chests. As Stor moves the chest, he hears a voice in his mind: “Password?!”. He does not know the word and two statues animate and attack the heroes, but are defeated after a short battle.



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