Jönköpings Finest

The battle at the oathstones

Full Rest

14. Wealsun 996 AF; Brighstone Castle

Stor, Kharamon, Rurik and Eddard headed to the central stairwell. Going upstairs, each step was getting harder, meeting increasing resistance with each flight of stairs. Finally, they can’t proceed anymore.

The heroes tapped into their magical powers, weaving them together and pressing through the boundary. They penetrated the barrier and were suddenly sucked into it. For a heartbeat there was nothing, then they felt like falling down and being shot to the top at the same time, and finally, as if they were diviing into water, they shot down into a flight of stairs, and reality was closing up again.

The heroes were in a large cave. A flight of stairs wound down to a large platform. Three Children of Light, forming a triangle, faced a large dragon. The leader of them – probably the Captain – pointed his longsword to the dragon. A glowing storm of light was emanating from his weapon, extending half-way to the dragon, and meeting a dark wave of energy that the dragon hurled at them. Midway, both energies met and the engergy-streams splattered like broken glass. A cleric and a war-mage formed the other points of the triangle, each in deep concentration, a hand laid on the shoulder of the captain. However, an eery silence embraced the whole scene, as none of them were moving – as if they where frozen in time.

The three Children were standing between two oath stones of a huge stone circle. The large stones shimmered in deep green. Stor recognized the material, as the older and deeper parts of the keep, which dated back to ancient times, were made from the same material.

Another circle, filled with dark-green ooze, edged around the oath stones. Three pools, each at the point of an isosceles triangle, filled the circle with further substance.

The heroes moved down the stairs and entered the platform. They felt a short resistence while leaving the stairs, and suddenly the whole scene started moving. The blast from the dragon vanished, and the three Children stumbled backwards.

A long battle ensued in which the dragon summoned several dragon wyrmlings. The heroes battled them back. However, the group suffered some casualties as the mage was slain by the breath attack of the dragon wyrmling.

As the dragon was getting hit over and over again by magic force and craftfully wielded blades, it was finally brought down to its needs. To the surprise of the heroes the dragon transformed into a heavely distorted elf whose shrill shreak nearly brought Eddard down. A banshee, an undead abberation driven by the will for revenge.

And finally, also the banshee was brought down. Taking a heavy strike from Kharamon, the banshee fell to the ground, transforming once more into. Stor realized with terror that it was now his mother who was laying on the ground. “Nooo”, he yelled, but it was too late. The Captain’s blade was already in motion, and the longsword impaled the frail body of Lady Brighstone. Stor rushed to his mother. She was barely breathing, the heavily wounded
body torn to shreds in many places.

“Don’t let…him… come back…my prince…ahhhhhhhh”, whispered the Lady, blood spurting out of her mouth. “Mother!”, cried Stor, as her head fell limp to the side and his mother exhaled her life with a last, long, rasping breath.

Stor continued to hold her head with his hands, tears bliding his view.

A rumble shook the platform.

“We better get going”, said the Captain, carefully watching the surrounding. “This whole place is unstable now.”

A new rumble shook the ground, first stones tumbled down from the ceiling.

mage dies

escaping, rurik unconscious

talk with Captain Martel



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