Jönköpings Finest


... in which the Party clears an infested forest

5. Richfest 996 AF; City of AlsyennaFULL MOON
The heroes head back to their inn. The innkeeper has a short conversation with Eddard and tells him that a yound lady inquired into him, his name, if he was a Paladin of Thyr, etc. The innkeeper provided his name, but denied that he was a Paladine. He also became suspicious and stopped providing more information as he asked about the name of the women.

6. Richfest 996 AF; City of Alsyenna

After a good breakfast, the Kharamon, Rurik and Stor head to the library to follow up on the “Habe’s Fall” lead. Eddard however leaves the group to inquiry more in the mysterious person that seems to be very interested in him.

First the group heads to the library. Ostantis is happy to see them and inquires into their progress. The heroes ask about “Habe’s Fall”. The expression is not know to Ostantis. He promises to dig into the library for historical references. However, if Habe’s Fall refers to a place, he recommends to go and see Harsk, a ranger living in the forest about half an hour walk in the south of Alsyenna.

6. Richfest 996 AF; Forest outside of Alsyenna

Harsk welcomes the travellers and acknowledges that he knows the location of Habe’s Fall. It refers to a waterfall one or two days of travel in the northeast. Not many know the place or even visiti it. He can’t lead the heroes there, however, as he is occupied in the forest.

The heroes inquire further and Harsk tells his story. About a month ago, something must have happened in the forest. Since then, a nest of giant spiders have infested the heart of the forest. He tries to keep it contained, but fears that things might go out of hand if he leaves for too long. The heroes offer their helpt to exterminate the vermin if he gives them directions. Harsk agrees to the deal.
- Spider infestation
- Intense battle but WIN

XP: 2.000 Loot: none



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