Jönköpings Finest

On the road to Alsyenna

26. Wealsun 996 AF

The heroes have barely escaped the collapsing castle. The Children of Light take a short rest and then march to Alsyenna. Captain Martell

The heroes take the surviving servants to Brighstone whose loyal inhabitants take them in. Berryn, the Elder of Brighstone, shares some of the later developments. Varris Brighstone is a wanted person, being accused of killing two Children of Light during the battle at Brightstone’s market square where Bertrand Dunstan held court.

Recently, a few new settlers arrived at Brighstone and started building their home outside Brighstone. According to Berry, Lord Dunstan in Alsyenna hat called for a pilgrimage to Brighstone and given the promise of land to whomever makes the journey.

27. Wealsun 996 AF

The heroes start their journey to Alsyenna. Once in a while, they encounter small groups of poor people on their way to Brighstone. At nightfall, the heroes camp in the countryside

28. Wealsun 996 AF

Around midday, the heroes arrive at a bridge. A group of five people of the Old Blood have established a small toll point and demand a fare from a group of settlers that are on their way to Brightstone. The heroes quickly discover that the ruffians are taking advantage of the settlers, but convince them to let everyone pass. The ruffians point out that “it’s their time now”, and Kharamon and Stor also realize that the spark of magic has awoken in all of them. As the heroes and the settlers go their own ways, Eddard takes a last look over his shoulder and sees the ruffians abandon their post and follow the settlers.

At nightfall, the heroes arrive at an old inn. They manage to secure a sleeping place, and for the first time in a long while can relax. Rurik takes a relaxing bath, Eddard cleans his armor, Kharamon enterains the crowd with some of his songs and learns some new from a group of Vistani, and Stor earns some money in a game of dice.

The singing of the Kharamon and the travelling Sczarni light the mood in the inn an a lively evening ensues. Stor keeps a low profile and plays some games, while Rurik enjoys a good mug of ale. Kharamon realizes that a group of Oldblood tries to scam a travelling Halfling. Althoug they pretend to be independent travelers, they belong to the same group, getting the halfling drunk, but drinking only themselves only moderately.

Kharamon decides to interfere. He starts a lively tune and encourages the guests to form a line. moving through the inn to his tune. Kharamon leads the line to the gambling table and interrupts the game. The Oldblood are not amused and try to push back, but Kharamon loads his flute with a dose of the sneezing powder he captured in Brightstone Keep. He blasts the powder out of his flute and a chaos of laughter and sneezing follows.

Eddard realized that a travelling cleric of Thyr was observing the young son of the inn keeper. Apparently, the spark of magic has awoken in the young boy, and the cleric has realized it. Eddard takes the innkeeper outside and urges him to hide the boy and bring him to Bran, to train the boy’s mind to control the awaking magic.



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